Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flory's in Tattingstone

I have been attempting to assemble some of the Flory families in the Clopton and Burgh area of Suffolk. There are just enough of them to cause some confusion since there were 7 brothers marrying in the mid 1700’s, namely ; Richard, John, Isaac, William, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Thomas. As the generations continued they had a tendency to use the same given names. I have identified 27 of their children. There could be as many as 15 more that I have not found yet, because the parish records provide little identifying information. Much of the research is based on the assertion that families lived in the same parish for many generations. When a family moved some parishes or miles from where they were born it becomes a bit more difficult to identify them. I found a marriage of Jonathan Flory to Elizabeth Smyth in 1778 in Tattingstone. This marriage record states that Jonathan is from Clopton. They went on to have 10 children in Clopton. Tattingstone is about 10 miles south of Clopton on the other side of Ipswich. Susan the sister of Jonathan died in Tattingstone in 1795. I know this for certain because in a rare instance of record keeping the burial record records her father’s name and mothers maiden name; Jonathan Flory and Mary Abbot. I found 2 families in Tattiingstone that could have a connection to Clopton. There was a Thomas born about 1752 and one about 1757. Their children were born between 1786 and 1802. There is a headstone and will for the Thomas that died in 1812. It is the other Thomas that died in 1810 at the age of 53 that appears to have a connection to Clopton. His birth year of 1757 fits with being a son of Jonathan Flory and Mary Abbot. He married Sarah Potter in 1784 in Tattingstone. He named a daughter Ursula. The fact that two other family members have been identified there and his birth year fits; and Ursula is a family name points to him being from Clopton. The parish registers of Clopton has a Thomas born in 1755 and 1758. It appears that Sarah Bobbit married the Thomas born in 1755 who is the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Flory. As I looked through the Bishop Transcripts of Tattingstone I seen a number of Abbots’s, so it appears that Mary Abbot may have been the connection to Tattingstone to begin with.

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