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The Wealthy Flory Family of Suffolk, part 2

The Wealthy Flory Family of Suffolk The monumental inscription for the family in Tattingstone records Thomas and his two wives, Elizabeth who died in 1777 and his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth Garrod who died in 1835. It also records his mother who died in 1799. Thomas had two children from his first marriage. It becomes apparent from reading the Will of his mother and his will that he had a son Thomas. There is no record of where he is living, nor is there a baptism entry in the Tattingstone Parish registers. There is an entry for Elizabeth’s baptism in 1777. The marriage bond records that Thomas married Elizabeth Southgate in Bacton in 1774. Upon looking at those records I find a Thomas Flora baptized 6 Dec 1774. This is the second time I have come across the Flura, Flora, variant spelling of the surname.

We find a Thomas and Ann Maria Flory having 3 children in Martlesham; Thomas Smith, Ann Maria, and Robert. Then there is, Thomas Flory, a wealthy farmer living in Witnesham with numerous children. The monumental inscription in Witnesham has Thomas Smith Flory, and Robert Flory recorded on it. This tells us that the children in Martlesham and Witnesham are part of the same family. He died in 1835 and left a will that notes some key relationships. His estate was valued at 3000 pounds.
It is the Wills of both Thomas Flory of Tattingstone who died in 1812 and Thomas who died in 1835 in Witnesham that link them together. Thomas of Tattingstone leaves 100 pounds for his daughter Elizabeth Davey. The Thomas of Witnesham leaves money to his sister, Elizabeth Davey, a widow. Without that common relationship between the two wills it would only be a calculated guess. Without the wills we only have his age and the name Thomas mentioned in the wills. There is no mention of Tattingstone or where the Thomas of Witnesham was born.
Interestingly enough we find the marriage of Elizabeth Flory to Richard Davey in Bacton in 1795. No Wills can be found for Richard or Elizabeth Davey.
If you want to read the will of Thomas who died in 1835 it is online. It was probated in the Consistory Court of Norwich. (select Probate - type in Flory in the search box) It is 22 pages.

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