Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ahnentafel Organizing digital files with folders

I have organized my genealogy into 22 surname folders. In each surnames folder I created additional family folders that are broken down into family groups. The example shows Peter&Maria 10-11. Peter is 10 and Maria is 11. The ahnentafel system has males as even numbers and spouses are obtained by adding one number. The ahnentafel numbers for each generation back from Peter doubles so it is easy to see each generation. If you have hundreds of documents to organize it certainly helps to have a way to organize them. Not shown in the diagram are the folders within each family group. This is where all the files are stored, such as, certificates, census, probate, pictures. Once this system is established it is set in stone because it is from here that all the files are linked to a genealogy program with sources and transcriptions. If any of the folder names change then they will no longer be linked to the sources and transcriptions in the program. Every person has their own number. As a matter of simplicity I have started with my parents instead of myself, so I have two sets of ahnentafel numbers

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