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Craignair Club Barre Vermont

The club represented a connection between Barre and Dalbeattie. That connection was the granite works of which both communities thrived on. Craignair was the name of a quarry near Dalbeattie.

Barre Daily Times November 1, 1905
Sons and Daughters of "Auld Dalbeattie"
Sing her Praises and Talk Over Times
"When We Were Boys and Girls"

Noo let is toast Da'beattie boast Her honest workingmen. May they hae health as weel as wealth, Nae sorrow may they ken. It makes me prood that auld Fate should Sa luckily decree. That I might claim the priceless fame 0' bein' bred in thee.
This was the sentiment that ruled the third annual gathering of the sons and daughters of old Dalbeattie in the old Masonic hall last evening under the name of the Craignair club. There were fully 50 in the party, and the praises of "Auld Dalbeattie" were told in song and story.
The company was welcome to this gathering by the president of the club, James Campbell, who after a few brief remarks called on various members for toasts and songs. This part of the evening's exercises was carried out as follows Song, Thomas Graham; original poem by Mrs. John Buchanan, entitled, "A Dream o' Auld Dalbeattie." Toast to Dalbeattie, Samuel Carswell.
Mr. Carswell gave some reminiscences of the days when he was a boy in Dalbeattie which were very interesting and entertaining as well as amusing. Song, John J. Mckenzie; Toast, Co'en, James Rowan; Song, John Craik; Toast, City of Barre, J.J. Mckenzie; Song, James Rowan; Recitation, Mrs. Thomas Carson; Toast, The Ladies, Thomas Graham; Song, Charles T. Campbell; Toast, Success to the Craignair Club, Thomas G. Carswell.
There was dancing to music by George Angus' orchestra, and a bountiful feast served at 10 by Mrs. Maiden. The table were handsomely decorated, there being a special potted tree in front of President Campbell which was brought from Craignair, and at each plate was a sprig of heather but recently brought over. Both tree and heather were brought over by Mrs. James Campbell.
At midnight there were hallowe'en games and tricks which added much to the fun of the occasion.
Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell, Mr. and Mrs James Rowan, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Carswell, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McKnight, William Copeland of Northfield, Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbertson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carswell, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. G. Carswell, Jas. Monaghan, John Craik, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Mckenzie, Thomas Graham, Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Graham, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. McKnight, Wm. Neilson, Mrs. John Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. John Rawley, Mr. and Mrs. David Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Emery, Mrs. Robt. Mckenzie, Mrs. Jas. Bainbridge, Mrs. Hannah ? Smith, Mrs. Henry Hay, Mrs. John Panton.

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