Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Newspaper - Ipswich Journal - Poor Law

I have been searching for my Scoggins ancestry in the Ipswich Journal. They lived in Badingham. Numerous newspapers in England have been indexed and digitized from 1800 to 1900, the Ipswich Journal being one of them. This index is at various institutions in Britain and the United States. It is at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It was during the 1834 to 1835 time frame that the poor law was changing and the laboring class were not happy with it. My ancestors were laborers, so I can assume that they may have been in this crowd causing havoc.
Stradbroke. Dec 24 1835. – As might naturally be expected the tumultuous occurrences which took place last week in Ipswich, have spread their contigious influence amongst the pauper population of the adjoining districts. Some labourers of the parish of Baddingham, in the Hoxne hundred assembled together on Sunday evening, and between 11 and 12 o’clock at night showered a quantity of stones at the sleeping room window of Mr. Pooley, the Guardian of the parish. And (doubtless in the expectation that Mr. Pooley would approach the window), a huge stone weighing 1 ¾ lb. was shortly after thrown in. They then broke the keeping room windows. In the morning of Monday, a horn was blowing as early as four o’clock, and the rioters having mustered all their strength, forcibly pressed into their ranks all the labourers they could find, proceeded to Laxfield in order still more to increase in numbers, and about mid-day marched into Stradbroke, four abreast, armed with bludgeous and club sticks, and about two hundred in number, and drew up before the Queen’s head Inn, where the Board of Guardians was sitting....

The magistrate was able to disarm the leaders and break up the rebellion. This index of the British newspapers is a powerful resource. I have been able to view the actual newspaper and save those articles that interest me. I have found numerous references to the Scoggins surname pertaining to quarter sessions, sale of land, marriages, and history as it pertained to the region and the time. There is an excellent booklet on England parish poor law, 'The Handy Book of Parish Law

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