Monday, September 7, 2009

Laxfield Farmer

Isaac Scoggins (1799-1889) was a child of ten when his parents died. He became a successful and well known farmer in Laxfield. The farm is on the map even today. He married Mary Ann Stanford in 1822. After studying the Wills of Mary Ann’s grandfather and father it appears that Isaac married into a well to do farming family living in Walpole with lands in Cookley and Badingham. Mary Ann was only seventeen at the time and was with a child. They were married after Banns which is not customary when the ages of the couple are under 21. The Will of her father, Samuel, verifies the relationship. The census records verifies her age and birthplace. To complicate the matter, her grandfather was also named Samuel and lived to 1826, but he did not mention Isaac Scoggins as his son in- law in his will. Issac was the eleventh child of fourteen children born to William Scoggin and Ann Habbald. Isaac Scoggins and Mary Ann Stanford had eleven children. The wealth he acquired was passed on to his children.