Sunday, March 28, 2010

Scoggin Family in 1600 Suffolk England

I was looking at the new Suffolk Burial index that came out this past year (2009) and found some new burials for Scoggins in the 1600's. The last update for this index was in 2004. There are now over a million names in the index. It can be purchased from the Suffolk Family History Society. I found some Scogging's in the parish of Shimpling in West Suffolk. Where is Shimpling? It is some miles south of Bury St Edmunds. I have access to some parish register transcripts and found a number of children who were christened there starting in 1663. Robert and Grisiel Scogging had 6 children between 1663 and 1677. It appears that Grisiel died as Robert and Bridget continue on where Robert and Grisiel left off. Robert and Bridget had 4 children between 1682 and 1688. There is a Robert who was born in 1668 who could very well be the Robert of Helmingham. Helmingham is about 15 miles east of Shimpling. The last record of any Scogging in Shimpling is in 1708 when Robert died. I assume that this Robert is the father of the family, but I do not know for sure. It appears that the children of this family moved to other parishes. Is it the remnants of this family that we find in East Suffolk? The east Suffolk Scoggins do not have the given names of Bridget or Grisiel as found in Shimplling. None of the children were named Grisiel or Bridget, just Robert's spouses.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lord or Loyd or Lloyd in Hemingstone

I have been looking at records for Elizabeth Loyd (1756-1835) daughter of Richard Lord and Deborah Hagar. Elizabeth married Thomas Scoging in Otley, Suffolk County, England in 1776. One clue in the marriage record is that Richard Loyd was a witness. Soon after the marriage they settle in Badingham. The IGI has Loyd as a variant of Lloyd, but it appears that it in not so in all cases. I have studied the parish registers of the Lord family of Hemingstone. I discovered that the surname for the children who were born in the 1750's and 1760's was spelled Lord. The children I found who were marrying in the 1770's was spelled Loyd. Richard Loyd was a witness to many marriages in this time period. In one instances Loyd and Lord is written on the same certificate. In the 1790's and forward Loyd is no longer used. It was in a 20 year time period that the surname Loyd was used in Hemingstone. Further clues: There are no other Loyd or Lord families in the vicinity. A couple of the Scoging children settled in Hemingstone. Thomas Scoging snd Elizabeth Lord named a child Deborah and Richard.
Richard Lord died in 1803 at the age of 81 in Hemingstone. Richrd Lord Junior (1752-1801) died at the age of 48 in Hemingstone. No wills or headstones can be found for the family.
I also discovered a few more Mormon handcart pioneers that descend through the line of Richard Lord (1752-1801) who is the brother of Elizabeth Lord (1756-1835) Richard had a son named Rueben. Reuben is the father of Harriet (1817-1896) and Charles (1823-1857) who were Mormon hand cart pioneers. William Bye Scogings (1822-1886), hand cart pioneer, is a second cousin to Charles and Harriet Lord. Harriet (1817-1896) came to Utah in the 1850's with her husband, Edmund Kindred and family. They settled in Springville, Utah.
I have created a separate gedcom on my website for all the children who descend from Richard Lord and Deborah Hagar of Hemingstone.