Monday, November 16, 2009

Scoggin's from Coddenham

I have added my latest research of the Scoggin family established in Coddenham to my website. My direct line first appears in the parish registers some five miles away in Framsden and Helmingham about 1700. I suspect this is where the Coddenham branch links into mine, but I cannot find any entries in the parish registers to establish the connection. Philip Scoggin married Mary Tyler in 1755 in Coddenham. This is when they first appear in the parish registers. Their first two sons Philip and James descendants becomes what is known as the Scoggin’s from Coddenham. They all lived to old age. Philip died in 1820 at the age of 94. He was a thatcher. He left a will in 1821 naming five children. Philip (1756-1837), James (1758-1837), Thomas (1762-1836), Mary (1764-1826), and Robert (1760-1829). Philip’s (1756-1837) will mentions a son- in law in London, Thomas Hawkes; his brother, James; and wife, Jane. The value of his estate is 5 pounds. James’s (1758-1837) will is valued at under 100 pounds. He was a gameskeeper. Thomas’s (1762-1836) will indicates that he was a thatcher, and the value of the estate was under 200 pounds. There is no indication of a marriage as he leaves it to his brother, James who dies a year later. The family started using the spelling Scoging in the 1800’s.