Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flory Connections

I have been studying another family in my direct line in Suffolk County, England. Elizabeth Flurry (Flory, Flurry) was born in 1710 in the parish of Burgh to Richard Flory and Mary Guildersleve. Elizabeth had nine siblings, five of which lived to old age. I have found a number of Wills relating to the family and monumental inscriptions. The most valuable clue was recorded when Richard Flory died in 1756. His will listed his living children and his daughter 'Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Scogging'. That one sentence ties this Flory family to the Scoggins family leaving no doubt. A small percentage of people left wills and had a headstone. It is worth the search to find such documents. This includes Parish Chest records.
With the scant information found in the parish registers it can be rather difficult to identify correct relationships. With this family only a few of the children remained in the settled parish and the others obtained settlement in other nearby parishes. Case in point; Isaac Flory married Ann Pooley are in his settled parish of Clopton. They had a few children and then there is no sign of them in the parish registers. 10 miles away in the parish of Boyton I find more children. Ann’s maiden name is recorded with her children's baptisms making the connection certain. What made me look at Boyton to begin with was the burial of Benjamin in 1799 in Clopton. Benjamin was born in 1718 and was the father of Issac. The burial record records his abode as Boyton.