Monday, March 16, 2009

BYU Computerized Conference

I have just attended the conference at BYU. Last year I could not get in because it was full. this year I had no problem getting into it as I paid at the door. I had no problem getting into any of the classes which is a change from other years. The talk is about New Family Search which is the online genealogy program that is being slowily releaased to members of the LDS Church. Much of utah does not have it yet. Eventually anyone in the world will be able to have an account. I would assume that that is many years off. There are many software programs that are becoming affiliates of New Family Search. If they want to survive I suppose they need to become appart of the effort since the LDS Church commands quite an audience of researchers.
One talk that caught my eye was the 'Voice Rcoginition Software' Apparently this technology has really become user friendly and accurate with faster and faster machines able to process the speech very quickly. I could write this at a fraction of the time using such software. 'Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10' appears to be a favorite. I look forward to trying it. The usefulnes of this software comes in handy when one want to share your thoughts as the words flow instead of typing out the words. I was impressed by the talks that talked about networking on various social networks, blogging, and tracking events that pertain to areas of interest using RSS feed. Google has various free features that are quite useful to researching and they are free. The purpose of the conference was to create ideas on how to connect with other people and new technology in order to make the research experience more enjoyable, efficient, and faster. (my opinion)

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