Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DNA Genealogy

There are a lot of genealogy DNA companies that test the various markers. I found a website that lists all the companies and the markers that they test. I don’t know if it is current but it still gives a relatively good comparison. One of my Scogings cousins had the test done over at Family tree DNA. The 67 marker test is on the Scoggins group over on their site. It really helps to join a group where others share the same surname so as to have something to compare with from the start. Out of the 13 people who have submitted tests none of them even come close to matching my Scoggins line. My cousin in England recently had his test done over at ancestry. I find it interesting that out of the 40 or so markers tested between my two cousins that three markers do not match. Both were born in the 1930’s and their common ancestor was three generations removed. The only difference is the maternal line. They have different great grandmothers. My cousin in England had his test done at Oxford many years ago and it tested the DYS 425 marker and it was null. DYS 425 is not a standard marker tested by DNA companies. My U.S. cousin’s marker DYS 425 is Null or zero. Apparently only a small percentage of people have a null reading on this marker. Once you have submitted your DNA over at Famiy Tree DNA you can add tests for groups and individual markers like DYS425 for a small fee.

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