Thursday, March 19, 2009

Creating a Web Page

I have over the years created various web pages from scratch. I finally settled on using style sheets. The typical websites have used tables for the most part and many of the browsers only supported tables or did not fully support style sheets. If you went to the page with different browsers and different versions you will get a different look and layout. Code can be put in the pages to accomdate these differences but I don't have the knowledge to add that kind of code. The pages I have created with style sheets is for a parish in Scotland named, Urr. Urr parish page is at this address. The google map on the page took some doing but I got it on there. There is number of pages related to this page that I used style sheets for. For long list of names I used tables which are well suited for name list. The lay out of the pages is using style sheets. This tells you what you can do if you have access to some small list for a community and you would like to share them. you could actually copy my code and add your own text and dialogue. I have some banners on the pages that could have created some income but now there are not active since they created no traffic the service disabled them. I need to replace them with new affiliates. Apparently some of the big companies require a certain amount of traffic or they axe you. There are plenty of affilities to replace them.

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