Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first widget

I went over to amazon and signed up to become an affiliate. I created my store title, 'books in my library, software on my computer, technology at my finger tips' I went through my personal library and then added those books to the store. Everything is editable so I looked at, changed it, changed it again. I'll refine it as time goes by. The code necessary for it to show up on my blog was generated for me at the amazon site. I pasted it right into this blog with simplicity. So now it is on right column of this page, titled, 'Favorite Books in my Library'. That is a widget. (In a month or so I may change the title to somthing else like, 'What every Genealogist must have') So now I can go over to Amazon and custom add all those things of interest to a genealogist. Amazon has such a wide variety of items, from books, software, and technology. I also put a widget on my 'Scogings Mckenzie Genealogy' site. That was a little more tricky, but if you look at the source code for the site you will see how simple that was as well. For a genealogist these ads could pay for the costs putting up a site and other expences. Now I think I will look for other sites I can get widgets from and add them. It is all free to do. It don't cost anything. If you click though my widget to buy something I get a small percentage, amazon gets a small percentage, and the seller gets his cut.

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