Friday, March 20, 2009

FamilySearch Wiki

The Wiki has been around for some years. I recently started to contribute some of my knowledge and writing skills. There appears to be a lack of contributors. On my user page you can click on the history button and see contributors to the page. Every page has this button. You can see the date I made a change to the page and even see how it has changed over time. It you click on 'contribs' you will get a list of every contribution I have ever made to the wiki; talk about transparency. People get the idea that once it is there that that is the ways it is. Your not suppose to get to attached to what you write since someone may come along and rewrite or change it. In my short time in contributing I do not see this happening. As writing is a developing process you will have to develop your own writings. I remember when I was developing a page for GENUKI, I would write something and then some weeks later I would read it again and then I could see how I could refine it. Look for a topic or place that you can make a contribution to and start writing. If what you want to write about has no topic or place then it is quite easy to add a new page. The whole process is user friendly. If you can create a blog you surely can write in a wiki.

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