Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stanley Jaggi,

Sometime ago I had been looking through the records at I typed in Stanley Jaggi, being a rather uncommon name I did not get a lot of results. He was in the pacific during world war II. I was rather surprised to find a transport document with his name on it with a few other men in his unit. It places him in a place at a particular time. I have been hard pressed to find anything like that. I created a personal page for him at footnote. There really are a tremendous amount of records being added at footnote. I believe that larger repositoires have subscriptions to their service.
The picture must have been taken before he went off to war in 1941. He was on a ship headed to Hawaii when Pearl Habor was bombed on December 7, 1941. The Jaggi Stettler genealogy is on a TNG php website. I uploaded my gedcom to it and created a page from a template provided by TNG. Now I have to develope some of the pages on it. Now I am beginning to think that I can create blogs for special pages and link to them. It surely is easy to write and add picutres and links than to create a webpage.

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